A New Front Door: One of the best investments West Michigan Homeowners can make.

Here’s a quiz: What’s the best investment you can make when remodeling your home in West Michigan?

  1. Replacing your siding
  2. Getting a new roof
  3. Adding a new entry door
  4. Remodeling your bathroom

As if the name of this post weren’t spoiler enough – yes, it’s C – which may surprise you. But every year, Remodeling Magazine puts together a report of the most common remodeling projects in the US, and measures the cost vs the value homeowners will get for that project upon selling their home. For example, if a particular project costs the homeowner $1000 but when they sell their home, that same project increases the sale price by $500, then this project would have a cost vs. value of 50%.

The annual Cost vs. Value report is broken down by region, and even goes so far as to research projects in specific cities – and Grand Rapids happens to be one of those cities!

The fact is, front doors have topped the list for cost vs value for over 6 years. In the case of fiberglass front doors, the report found that the average cost of installing the doors was $3,090, while the resale value was $3,077, meaning homeowners recouped 99.6 percent of the cost. For steel front doors, homeowners recouped 96.4% of their investment cost.

See Report for Grand Rapids 2016

Steel Entry Doors: Seven Years in Top 5

The steel entry door is something of a returning champion and has been as high as a 102% replacement cost vs value nationally.

A replacement steel door is not just about the door itself. It’s about the jambs, glass, aluminum threshold, as well as the hardware. Be sure to replace both doors and jambs with a new 20-gauge steel door unit including dual-pane half-glass panel and replace existing lockset with a new bored-lock in brass or antique brass finish (which were the most popular hardware choices).

Fiberglass Doors: Dominant in the Top 5 over the last few years

Though steel doors have seen an impressive rating since the report started many years ago, many think it’s (slight) decline from the top spot over the last couple years is due to the fiberglass front door’s rise. In Grand Rapids (West Michigan), replacing your entry door with a fiberglass front door is the second most valuable investment into your home, cost vs value.

Be sure to remove your existing 3-0/6-8 entry door and jambs and replace with fiberglass door with either simulated wood grain, or stained same color both sides; dual-pane, decorative half-glass and replace existing lockset with mortise lock. A lever handle and integrated deadbolt in oil-rubbed bronze or satin-nickel finish are popular hardware choices.

We’ve been providing homes with high-quality front doors for more than 15 years. We want the entry to your home to be inviting and impressive to you, your family and your visitors. That’s why we use professional class, highest standard, energy-efficient doors.

Some of the Brands We Carry:

  • Therma-Tru: Fiberglass and steel entry doors
  • Masonite: Steel and fiberglass entry and interior doors
  • Simpson doors: High-quality solid wood core doors in entry and interior models
  • ProVia: Fiberglass and steel entry doors

No matter what kind of door you’re looking for, we’re committed to helping you provide it for your home. It’s easy to get started: just schedule a free consultation and one of our specialists will come to your home and work with you to find the exact front door and hardware you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve chosen your new front door, we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert installers will install your new door efficiently and the entire neighborhood will be admiring your new front door before you know it.