Why Upgrade to Panel Doors?

Why Upgrade to Panel Doors? Many homes in and around West Michigan have flush doors. Although this type of door is functional, they don’t add much to the overall décor or feel of your home. When the time comes to replace one or more doors in the home, consider investing in panel doors. Whether they’re…

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Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Windows and Doors Before Fall

Though it’s been a warm September so far in West Michigan, another summer is slipping by, and it’s time to think of cleaning the yard, putting away the patio furniture, and getting ready for fall. These jobs are easily remembered, but windows and doors are commonly overlooked. Below are some tips on fall window and…

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Choosing New Energy Efficient Windows

Windows provide homes with ventilation, warmth, and light, but they can have negative effects on energy efficiency as well. Over 25% of a home’s energy spending is for air that escapes through inefficient windows, but spending can be reduced with the installation of energy-efficient windows. In this guide, readers will get some Window and Door…

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Infinity by Marvin Brings the Power of Fiberglass to Replacement Windows and Doors

Infinity replacement window products were designed with homeowners in mind, because replacement windows should be low-maintenance while still looking new. Infinity utilizes the patented Ultrex fiberglass, the two brands offer different lines of products, lead times, installation practices, and warranties. Why Infinity Replacement Windows? Products in the Infinity line have the traditional look of wood…

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Fiberglass, Wood, and Steel Entry Doors: Which Is Right For Your Home?

fiberglass door

The entry door should be a standout feature of your home’s exterior. Color and design are something you as a homeowner will need to consider, but material type will be the first thing. Three of the most popular door materials selected for entry doors are wood, fiberglass, and steel. Architectural Openings & Access works with…

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Windows, Doors and Your Home’s Safety

home safety windows and doors

We all value keeping our families safe and, no matter where you live, keeping your home secure always remains a top priority. Secure windows, doors and other access points represent some of the most important factors in keeping your home and family safe. While burglaries throughout the United States declined in recent years, the average…

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Five Tips For Choosing a New Front Door

choosing a front door

Your home’s front door says a lot about you and your family. It adds to the beauty and design of your home’s exterior, welcomes people in and impacts your guest’s first impression. A new front door can make a considerable difference in how people view your home. Of course, your front door also serves key…

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Keep Warm This Winter With New Windows

windows for winter

You get what you pay for when it comes to quality, and this includes your home’s windows. While the temptation to negotiate for the lowest possible price remains, investing in quality new windows that will perform better, last longer and improve the look of your home is well worth the cost. Your home’s windows represent…

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How to Select the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

best replacement windows

How To Select the BEST Replacement Windows For Your Home AOA Window & Door offers the top replacement brands available on the market. Call today When selecting replacement windows for your home, a variety of options exist for materials, style and quality. Numerous options exist to maximize your home’s value, beauty and comfort. However, new…

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