Window and Door Installations

Window-and-Door-InstallationsAt Architectural Openings & Access, our professional window and door installers pride themselves on providing expert installations. A high-quality window or door cannot function properly if not installed correctly. At AOA, we only work with top-rated vendors to guarantee that the residential and commercial products we sell are best in class in their category — so we also ensure that your installation equals that standard.

As West Michigan’s only Marvin Authorized Installing Retailer, our team of professionals will guide you through a hassle-free replacement process. You also have the option of having your windows pre-finished with paint or stain prior to installation. We pre-finish about 50% of the time.

Since we know our customers are concerned about how invasive and disruptive the installation process can be, we have developed a process that makes the installation surprisingly stress-free and painless. It is not uncommon for us to replace a complete house of windows in one day. Our installation team members are polite, efficient, and considerate and even do a nice job of cleaning afterwards. They will place drop cloths when needed on the interior and will vacuum when they are completed.

Our specialists will help you choose the installation method that is best for you:

Insert Install
If the frame is still in good condition and you want to keep the interior trim undisturbed the insert method is a great choice. This is a frame-in-frame design with minimal disruption to the interior and exterior millwork. You will lose a bit of the original glass size with this method. This is our most popular replacement method.

Full Frame Replacement
This installation method is appropriate when your entire window has deteriorated and needs replacement or if you are looking for a totally new appearance. With full-frame replacement the entire window (sash, frame, and casing) is replaced.

Sash Only Replacement
This is the least expensive option. It is available only for Double Hung window products. The original frame remains and only the sash are replaced. This product will represent a clear and significant improvement over existing windows in both ease of use and energy efficiency. There are two drawbacks to this method. The wash tilt feature is less easy than on an insert product and since there is no frame we cannot guarantee any air or water infiltration warranties.

For more information about the window and door installation experts at AOA, to request an estimate or to schedule a visit to our window and door showroom, please contact us here or call our office at 616-426-6650.