Warranty Service & Parts | Non Warranty Service

Window-and-Door-InstallationsAOA’s experienced and licensed service technicians are fully equipped to meet all of your window and door service requirements. It is our goal to meet all window and door needs as efficiently and timely as possible. All of our Marvin and Lindsay products are serviced by local factory-employed representatives — who handle all warranty work in West Michigan for their respective family of products.

If you need service on any of your AOA products, please visit our contact page and fill out a service request, which will be processed in 24 hours or less. Warranty work will be conducted in accordance with the warranty in place at the time your products were purchased. In the window industry many warranties were expanded around 1996 with many companies providing, at that time, 10 years on parts and 20 years for seal-failure of glass (often visible as fogging). Some warranties are transferable and some are not. Labor and finishing are not generally covered. Any exceptions made will be at the discretion of the manufacturer. Any Marvin product purchased prior to 1996 will be out of warranty for glass seal-failure — and older than 1997 for all other parts. There is a more limited guarantee for commercial projects or multi-family homes.

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Non-Warranty Service & Parts

AOA will provide service for all non-warranty work at a charge for labor and parts. We will also work with those who want to perform the labor on their own. Click here to visit the service and maintenance section of Marvin’s website for parts and tips on painting, staining, cleaning, condensation and trouble-shooting problems.

For more information about warranty and non-warranty service and parts for any window and door products purchased through AOA, please contact us here or call our office directly at 616-426-6650.