How to know when it’s time to replace your windows

When to replace your windows

There are many things to consider when deciding to replace the windows in your home. Major advances in energy efficiency and new modern designs have made replacing windows a cost-savings, functional, and often aesthetic advantage. They’re better for your home’s energy, they’re easier to clean, and they look beautiful. We also know that new windows can increase resale value when it’s time to sell your home. Many homeowners will consider security and safety a major deciding factor when replacing their windows to ensure windows lock securely, but can also be opened in case of an emergency escape.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to replace your home’s windows, you’ll know it’s time with the following guidelines:

When to replace your windows

Major Indicators:

Ask yourself the following questions when considering replace your windows.

Is air leaking in, out or around the window?

This could be due to seals and/or insulation degrading around the window. Time to replace.

Is cleaning a serious hassle?

This may not be a malfunction in your window, just simply the way it was designed. Today’s windows have cool features that can make cleaning a simple task.

Is merely opening and closing your windows a difficult task?

Sometimes this can occur when dirt and debris get in the runners causing window movement to stick. But in many other scenarios, especially with older windows, this can due to warping and rotting in the frame.

Is there condensation or fogging occurring on or between glass panes?

This is a common problem in replacement worthy windows and it’s indicative of the seals that hold the glass breaking down and allowing air in-between the panes. Definitely time to replace.

Is there rotting or water stains on the window, or area surrounding the window (inside or outside)?

This could indicate a much larger problem with the window and how it’s interacting with the home. When there are water stains, it typically means the window has been compromised to the weather – meaning it’s no longer capable of holding the elements out of your home, and should be replaced right away.  

The questions above are just a few major indicators that it’s probably time to replace your windows.

Style and lifestyle considerations:

Major malfunctions are great reasons to replace your windows but don’t forget that this is your home and replacing your old windows also presents an opportunity to refresh the look of your home and your lifestyle as well. New windows have tons of styles, materials, and colors to choose from, and often many glass options to fit any look you might be going for. If you want to keep the exterior of your home’s appearance consistent, consider replacing all your windows at the same time. New replacement windows can also help seal out the sounds of traffic or noisy neighbors, with new soundproofing materials.

A Home Improvement tip: If you’re going to be replacing both your siding and windows soon, but can’t decide which to do first, replace windows before the siding, so that siding can be fit to the new windows. It will have a much cleaner look and because of the way the materials interact; much better energy efficiency.  

Improve energy efficiency

These days, we talk a lot about energy efficiency with our customers. There is no doubt that replacing old single-pane windows with today’s energy-efficient double- or triple-pane glazing can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. But did you know that opting for Low-E (low emissivity) glass coatings will reduce UV rays that fade carpet and furniture? When replacing your windows (and many other elements in your home) look for products that have qualified for the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® standards.  Selecting ENERGY STAR® windows and doors, like Marvin and Infinity Windows, can help you achieve substantial savings on heating and cooling costs.

When in doubt, just ask us!

If you’re in doubt about whether it’s time to replace your windows, have no fear. We’ve been performing in-home consultations in West Michigan for over 15 years. You can give us a call and schedule your 100% free consultation today. We’ll pair you with one of our experienced window replacement professionals, who will give you an honest assessment of your windows and work with you to find the perfect replacement windows to fit your budget, your style, and energy goals.


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